Your organization requires you to setup your work or school account with Windows Hello

We use to used office 365 account with NFR provided by Tier one vendor and switched to production account after Microsoft noticed.


Today I had a PIN login problem with my PC. (Some important files or registry may be corrupted.)
So, I reset my PIN but I no longer logon to my PC.
Whenever I tried to logon to my PC, Windows Logon showed “Your organization requires you to setup your work or school account with Windows Hello …” and my desktop never appeared.

What I did next were,

  • disabled logon as PIN on Group Policy -> Still required PIN and no luck
  • tried to remove my “school and work account” on the Setting -> I couldn’t logon my account -> couldn’t remove it
  • disconnected from Domain -> still required PIN and no luck
  • checked Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center  on office.com -> we no longer have account for Intune because we terminated the previous accounts provided by Tier one vendor.
  • checked Azure AD admin center – Devices -> I found most of our device status are joined Azure AD as “Hybrid Azure AD join”


Through my work above I found the cause.
That is,

  • “Hybrid Azure AD join” requires PIN but we don’t have MS Endpoint Manager admin rights so we can’t change the policy.
  • even I changed the PIN, disabled PIN on Group Policy, PIN requirement is still controlled by MS Endpoint (Intune).


Work around are,

  • delete my Desktop PC Name from Azure Devices
  • logon my pc with local admin account (.\owner)
  •  add “school and work account” on my PC -> now Join Type has been changed from “Hybrid AD join” to “Azure AD registered”.
  • join my PC to our local Domain
  • logon to my pc with my Domain account (domain\user name) ->OK!
  • control panel – Task Scheduler – Microsoft – Windows – Workplace Join – Automatic-Device-Join -> “Disabled”
  • run command “dsregcmd.exe /debug /leave” and reboot PC


I took half a day to solve this issue.

It was a nice weekend.

Kusa Naggie


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